The Roots…

Amir was born in Atlanta, Georgia but grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. His father emigrated to America from Iran before the revolution in 1979. His mother is a native of New York. Being fortunate enough to have traveled to many countries throughout his life, he has a passion for languages and different cultures. He speaks some Spanish, Farsi, and is currently studying Mandarin Chinese. Amir has one older brother who was integral to his development throughout the years. He currently is a Web consultant in Denver, Colorado.


Amir started his piano playing career at age 8 in St. Louis with Shirley Lucas. He played classical piano for 10 years before entering college and studying with Alla Voskiboynikova at the University of Missouri St. Louis. His college professor greatly improved his technique and musical abilities. However, realizing that he would never be a ‘good’ classical pianist he started playing music he enjoyed. The Muldoons were formed in his highschool days with fellow musicians and friends. The Muldoons recorded 5 songs in Creve Coeur Missouri, but due to living situations could not continue playing together. After college in 2011 Amir moved to Shenzhen, China where Black Panda was formed. With multi talented musicians and singers, Black Panda played a weekly gig at the Venetian Hotel’s well-known bar, VBar. They played a variety of covers from indie-rock, hip-hop, oldies, as well as originals. The members of the band all parted ways to their respected countries but Amir continued living in China where he currently is. At the moment he is playing in a Blues band at a Jazz bar in the Art district of Shenzhen. He is writing music and hoping to put out a 5 song EP in the coming months.


Amir started his own Piano studio in St. Louis and took on students from a wide range of backgrounds and ages. He taught privately for 2 years and also at a local music store for over a year. He went to China through a teaching program and taught English at a public High-school. He currently tutors students in English and TOEFL. He is an effective teacher because of the relationship he establishes with his students. He aims to keep students engaged and wanting to improve and succeed whether it be in piano, english, or life.