Beard is gone

My beard is gone. I have pics but haven’t transferred them from my camera. Just finished a nice week. It was a national holiday so everybody was off and everywhere was busy. I’m glad I didn’t leave Shenzhen because it would have been a nightmare. Just trying to walk in some of the malls was crazy. Camping didn’t turn out quite as planned, but you can’t win em all. We headed to Qichong which is a place in Eastern Longgang (eastern part of the city) and should’ve realized beforehand that hiking would be difficult. I underestimated the density of the trees and plants. You would need a machete to walk through the thick brush. There was a beach which we contemplated camping on however, it was very windy and we thought the stakes wouldn’t hold in the sand. It wasn’t a total loss because the ride there itself was a journey, and the place was gorgeous. In addition we met a couple from Canada on the way who just started a year long trip around the world. We chatted with them for a while and they went on their way.

Besides camping the break was nice for sleeping, eating, and massages. An hour long foot massage (includes a 10 min shoulder and back) is only 30 yuan which is $5. I had never had a foot massage prior to coming to China, but am definitely a fan. Ate at the Yunnan food restaurant a few more times. Some of the spices vaguely remind me of Persian food which I miss.

So we’re back in school again. We have to teach 7 days in a row to make up for some of the vacation time. Still not complaining though. My students reacted in awe that I cut my beard. Some were genuinely disappointed. I will probably not bring it back until my spring break in January. I feel like a different person when I look in the mirror.

The best news is the band is playing this weekend. Will will be playing three 45 minute sets, which sounds fun to me. We’ve been practicing a little bit, since we found a practice space not far from Chinese class. Chinese class is fairly horrible. Nothing like the teacher in Beijing. Bob in Beijing knew how to teach! I will probably stop going because it is a waste of time. I have found some tutors though, and will be starting with them this week. I’ll keep you updated on the gig.

I know that the States is looking pretty this time of season. Part of me misses the luxury and conveniences of friends and family, but the other still enjoys a new environment.

  • sheila jafarian

    It looks like you have discovered other Jafarians in China, or else they like our name. I’m sure you will bring them in and bring the house down with your sound! And you are keeping your students off guard with you new beardlessness. Keep them in line! Love, Momma

  • Return of the Robert

    I’m not so sure about that band name but that poster is awesome, who made it?

  • Tiberius

    Muldoons? Jafarians? Im starting to see a connection here and its not a good one. I think the band name could have been a little more creative than your last name:/ Besides, are all the band members now are part of your family? Are you starting some sort of cult? I wouldnt be surprised as you are quite charming. Peace be with you young traveler of the cosmos.