Mid-Autumn festival

So what’s new for the week or so since the last post you ask? Well good question indeed. As far as teaching is concerned, nothing really new. I have my classes every other week (I think), so still on the introductions, showing some family pics and of course my kitty cat Pischu. Boys and girls don’t date early like they … Continue reading

Continuing the last post

So back to where we were. In our signing day ceremony we met with our contact teachers (those who help us here from our school) and some higher up figures who made the trip out. During this extravaganza my neighbor and roommate who teaches at the middle school in my district mentioned that I was one of the best teachers … Continue reading

Officially an English Teacher

It’s official. I’m teaching senior 1 and 2 English at Overseas Chinese Town senior high. This post may be a little rushed and sporadic.. but then again I feel like that’s kinda how all of them are. I moved into my apartment, instead of telling you about it I’m going to list the pros and cons. Pros: Air conditioned Off … Continue reading

Arrived in Shenzhen

Finally finished the TEFL training and made it to Shenzhen. We took a 24 hour train ride from Beijing to Shenzhen which wasn’t as bad as it sounds. We had 2 portions of the train to ourselves and had bunks of 6 with 3 on each side. Passed the time by playing cards, eating food, sleeping, and chatting with other … Continue reading

Still in Beijing

The title is not meant to be a negative title, just to state I’m still in Beijing. There is some disliking as for our schedule here only having a handful of days off for multiple weeks, but I’m not complaining. Nothing too notable has occurred since the last post. My internet is beyond spotty, luckily tonight I’ve had the best … Continue reading

A few days in

Well it has been a few days or a week, I’m not really sure without a phone and sense of priorities. Getting to Beijing was easy but a long trip. The plane ride from Chicago to Seoul Korea was 14 hours, but with a nice selection of movies and great service from Korean Airlines it went by quick. The first … Continue reading

Off to see the Wizard

Well it’s that time.  After applying in April and waiting 4 months, I’m heading off to China.  5 months ago if you told me I was going to go to china for a year, I would have been pleasantly surprised.  It’s funny how decisions are made and life progresses.  I will be teaching english in Shenzhen China located an hour … Continue reading