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Just another night out

What’s that my friend? You want me to come join you for some later-night food and what I’m assuming are drinks? Sure, I’m down with that. I arrive and there are 6 people I’ve never met before. Sure, I’m down with that. Surprisingly a few of them speak decent English and the boss of them wants to engage in discussion … Continue reading


It’s February 26th, 2013. All is well. I am studying Chinese. Eating Chinese food. Playing Blues music. Playing Basketball. Tutoring/teaching/preaching. Writing music. Still eating peanut butter. All in no specific order. I send my regards.

Hair and beard after

My hair and beard before trip

Happy New Year

Where does the time go? 2012 already. I’ve been on break for a week. I will be leaving for my vacation tomorrow night. Flying into Bangkok and will be taking a train to Ventiane, Laos. The rest we will see, but plan on seeing Vietnam and Cambodia and finishing up in Thailand. I opted against Burma, and hope to make … Continue reading

Learning Chinese

I said I would update this more frequently from my last post, so I thought it only fair that I have a new post a month later. The weeks are starting to fly by. It seems as though I’m staying at school longer. I usually play basketball once or twice a week, as well as have English club once. So … Continue reading

Long time no see

Wow it’s been a month since my last post. I’m not sure if anybody reads this in general, but either way it helps me practice my writing, and typing. I’m into full routines with even weeks and odd weeks. I have 15 or 16 classes each week with an average of 50 kids in each class. That means I have … Continue reading

Beard is gone

My beard is gone. I have pics but haven’t transferred them from my camera. Just finished a nice week. It was a national holiday so everybody was off and everywhere was busy. I’m glad I didn’t leave Shenzhen because it would have been a nightmare. Just trying to walk in some of the malls was crazy. Camping didn’t turn out … Continue reading

I’m back

It’s been a while, but I’m back. The weather is cooling off and the breeze is breezing’. Although 2 hours ago I ate at a phenomenal restaurant, so that’s big news. It was Tibetan style food. A bit pricey, but delicious with a capital icious. I am into the 5th week of teaching. The first week didn’t really count because … Continue reading

Mid-Autumn festival

So what’s new for the week or so since the last post you ask? Well good question indeed. As far as teaching is concerned, nothing really new. I have my classes every other week (I think), so still on the introductions, showing some family pics and of course my kitty cat Pischu. Boys and girls don’t date early like they … Continue reading