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Back from trip and back to teaching

I haven’t been a good blogger or typer whichever I do best. I’ve been back from my trip for 3 weeks now. I started the new semester last week and probably wouldn’t be typing this if it wasn’t for my a few of my classes today being cancelled…… The trip. Started out in Thailand just as a flying point because … Continue reading

Still in Beijing

The title is not meant to be a negative title, just to state I’m still in Beijing. There is some disliking as for our schedule here only having a handful of days off for multiple weeks, but I’m not complaining. Nothing too notable has occurred since the last post. My internet is beyond spotty, luckily tonight I’ve had the best … Continue reading

A few days in

Well it has been a few days or a week, I’m not really sure without a phone and sense of priorities. Getting to Beijing was easy but a long trip. The plane ride from Chicago to Seoul Korea was 14 hours, but with a nice selection of movies and great service from Korean Airlines it went by quick. The first … Continue reading