Happy New Year

Where does the time go? 2012 already. I’ve been on break for a week. I will be leaving for my vacation tomorrow night. Flying into Bangkok and will be taking a train to Ventiane, Laos. The rest we will see, but plan on seeing Vietnam and Cambodia and finishing up in Thailand. I opted against Burma, and hope to make it out there another time. Tentatively going for a month, but again I will see how my money holds up.

It’s nice to have a break from teaching, I was getting a little annoyed by the amount of Chinese spoken in my ‘oral english’ class. I was getting strict in my last trying to balance being a fun teacher and serious about my class at the same time. On top of school I was practicing for the now completed 30th anniversary show. It was a success, although a time investment. I pre-recorded my voice singing “What a wonderful World” and then lyp-synced it on stage. If anything it was an experience. Chinese is slowly starting to sink in. I go on spurts of studying and listening to T.V. for comprehension. It’s a grueling journey, but one I can definitely make.

The band is doing very well, we had our last show before our break last night. A nice size audience and we are starting to sound really good. In the process of booking another weekly show for Saturday nights as well. It will be a lot of music, and much experience. Still haven’t written or tried writing any songs, but in the new year plan on making more of an effort. We have more than 40 songs in our repertoire but need to start adding some fresh ones, and keep people on their toes.

If I have the accessibility I will try to post on my trip. However, with a break from phone and computer, I’m looking forward to the lack of technology. I may make it a lump sum in February. Happy New Years! Make 2012 memorable.

  • sheila jafarian

    Is that Chinese slug part of the daily diet? Your itinerary sounds fascinating. Looking forward to your next posts. . .It is time that your students buck up, keep on them and they will thank you later for that. Don’t they want to be part of the American dream? God speed to you and watch when you cross the street—are there streets?! Your best supporter, Mom