Long time no see

Wow it’s been a month since my last post. I’m not sure if anybody reads this in general, but either way it helps me practice my writing, and typing. I’m into full routines with even weeks and odd weeks. I have 15 or 16 classes each week with an average of 50 kids in each class. That means I have approximately 1,500 students. That could be a reason why I literally only know 5 kids names. I initially had them make name cards the first week(s) to help me learn names better, aiming to know 5-10 kids in each class. But they never used them again, and I gave up trying for the most part. Classes are easy some days and hard others. My Senior 1 students are usually good classes because they have yet to hit the “cool” teenager phase, and my Senior 2′s are not great, minus a few, because they have hit the cool phase. I was sick for almost 2 weeks and just getting over it now. Self diagnosed acute bronchitis. Never felt horrible just had a wheezing cough and lower energy levels. I’m back to normal now which is a good feeling. Being sick is one of those things you don’t think about because you’re normally healthy. But once the sickness sits in you can’t help but think how nice it is to be healthy.

A small diversion from the previous topic to talk about beauty. I assume most people are aware of this, but I could be totally wrong. In the U.S. most girls, although not all, consider being tan more beautiful than fair skin. In China it is the opposite. The women consider white skin being more beautiful, just like we have sun tanning lotion in the U.S. They have skin whitening creams. However they do not use sun-screen as we would to block the sun, but rather an umbrella. Just an interesting topic of beauty defined between cultures.

Back to scheduled programming. Last weekend I went to Guangzhou with a friend. Guangzhou is all too big. We got in around 9 ate dinner and walked around/taxied around looking for a hotel until almost 2am. The places we saw were either too dirty and not nice enough, or too expensive. We finally stumbled into a pretty decent place. The next day we set out to find the only persian food in southern China. It was pretty decent. Ordered a ground lamb kebab and gourmet sabzi which hit the spot. We were too full to do much sightseeing, and a bus ride ate away at our afternoon. We did however find a nice hotel by the pearl river. It was a decent trip, definitely not as nice as Shenzhen. Shenzhen is much cleaner, as well as newer. Guangzhou is a major clothing and textile trading hub and is an old city.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are readily approaching. I’m sure America is being swept with consumerism; bombardments on the internet, to t.v. advertisements, to black friday deals. Our program is going to set up some kind of turkey dinner, although I never was a huge fan. Maybe I’ll just have Chinese food.

I’ll be better about posts for anyone who does enjoy reading my unorganized thoughts.