I’m back

It’s been a while, but I’m back. The weather is cooling off and the breeze is breezing’. Although 2 hours ago I ate at a phenomenal restaurant, so that’s big news. It was Tibetan style food. A bit pricey, but delicious with a capital icious.

I am into the 5th week of teaching. The first week didn’t really count because it was a partial week. I went in on Monday deciding my lesson plans, when I realized I didn’t need a new lesson plan because I see my students every other week. But to my slight surprise my scheduled had changed again. I taught 4 classes and all of them were for my first time. That was fun.

Chinese class began and is off to a start. What kind of start, I’m not too sure of. But we are going somewhere. Still no internet in the apartment. I may make this seem like a big deal, because really it isn’t all that bad. However, it’s the fact that my fellow neighbor/American teacher colleague has it. I just wasn’t home the day it was installed. I have all the necessary equipment, now all I need is the technician. We’ll see what happens.

On to the good stuff. Next week is a National holiday so no teaching. I was planning on taking a trip to a city called Yangshuo a little ways away (by Chinese standards). Since it is a national holiday, many people travel. Many people meant more chaos as well as higher prices on everything. It is supposed to be a gorgeous place so I still plan on making a trip, but not next week. I decided I would rather go camping in Eastern Shenzhen and maybe take a day trip to Hong Kong. Shenzhen has 7 different districts and I live on eastern side of the most western district. The far eastern and southern side have beautiful beaches and mountains. Bought a tent and sleeping bag, and will pack food and water for a day or 2. Nothing too crazy because the insects out here are monstrous. It should be an interesting trip. I will definitely take pictures because I have yet to take any in Shenzhen. Short and simple post.

ps. My beard is out of control. Most students find it cool and people are definitely intrigued on the street, however, a student this morning told me that students may talk more in class and not be so shy if they weren’t scared of me. Interesting thought. I’ll probably cut it in the next week, but will be sure to take some funny pics before.

  • sheila jafarian

    Would I recognize you, my Tibetan man? And please describe Tibetan food, I am so tired of chicken, etc. And one more request–how ’bout sharing a Chinese word or two you have learned, I am also tired of speaking English. I am trying to imagine camping in China. . .any chance of spotting a Panda? Miss you lots.
    Love, Momma